My Family Posts

Facing the Fact We Are an Introverted Family
Engines, Muscles and Spending Time with Dad
Have You Been Thinking About Visiting Me?
My Fridge Adventure
The Right Kind of Home Improvement
Deciding to Get Rid of Our STUFF!
Feet Flying, Arms Pumping
Zipping to the Finish
Unexpectedly Entertaining Guests in My PJs
Some More About Nora the Explorer
Running Shoes, Running Dog
Easter Smiles
Passion Play Tunics
Offering to Iron His Shirts
Not What We Expected
Laundry: Hanging Out the Undies
Kilts: Written by Merida the Older
Ebay: the Fright, the Tears, the Relief, the Excitement
a Doggy Duffel coat story
Eyeball to Eyeball
Not a Problem
Letting Go of Another of Thomas' Places
Pondering the Possible Subtle Messages in Frozen
Why I'm Wearing Stiff Undies
Man Bites Shark
There's a Dead Body Near Our Running Track
Another Christmas Pudding Collection?
Debating Whether to Go on a Picnic
Part of Me
Thomas' Chair
Not Very Good Trick or Treaters
Please Do Not Read if You Are an Animal Activist
What Would You Take if You Had to Evacuate?
Day 4 of Our Out-of-Control Bushfire Disaster
At the End of a Bushfire Day
What Happened after the Ball
Do You Have to Know How to Dance if ou're oing to a Ball?
The Problem of Naming a Baby
Never Talk about the Weather
Wanted: One Prince Charming
Pursuing the Elvis Girls with My Video Camera
The Jeans-Wearing Rule
Perfect Post-Run Soup: Zucchini and Leek
Mother Teresa, Love and Three Cats
Some Queen's Birthday Silliness
Getting Kids to Help with the Chores
Wish List
Zulu Memories: Dad, Andy and His Girl
XXXXX: Love Letters
Pyjama Pants: an Embarrassing Story
Making Up Stories About Marijuana
Locked Out, Locked In, and Lies
Ingredients: Andy's Amazing Potato Salad
Hugely Overweight
Dieting: Why It's Against My Religion
ATBBits: Callum's Old Pig Hunter's Ute
Solving the Dinner Problem by Buying Six Houses
Our Christmas Pudding Collection
Fathers, Sons, Cars and Love
The Rules for Loving Children
Out of Disaster Comes Love
Dad's Dream Car
The Candle Game
My Perfect Christmas Present Secret
Today I Love
I Am So Very Weak
This Morning I Saw Thomas
The Journey of the Three Wise Men
Letting Go, No Strings Attached
Boys, Dream Cars and the Right Words
A Mother's Hug
Because I Am a Mother
Why Never Ending Housework is Good According to Sophie
Andy Elvis Presley
Dealing with a Fussy Eater
Knitting and Mothering Mistakes... and Love
Two Old Boots
Sometimes We Don't Need a Good Reason
Playing for Ian
A Family Altar or Two
When It's Hard to Be Visibly Catholic
My Gilbert Blythe
Holding onto the One I Love
How Many Children Do You Have? (Part 3)
What Are People Thinking about Me?
Influencing a Child to Do What is Right and Necessary
Popular Posts, Sons and Smacking
The Hanging-Out-the-Washing Party
Thomas Tintin
The Birthday Shopping Dilemma
Knitting a Wedding
Team Elvis Solves the Problem of the Undone Chores
Sheep and Surgery and Confident Sons
More Thoughts from Sophie: Families and Teams
Glimpsing the World through a Child's Eyes
Part of the Pack
Multiplying Potatoes and Other Surprises
Part of the Team
Memories of an Inexperienced Mother
Why My Valentine is the Love of My Life
Gemma-Rose's Potato Peeler
My Make-Over Man
The Perfect Wedding Gift That Nearly Went Astray
The Candle Game
Remembering the Grieving Mothers
An Amazing Power
If Only...
Getting the Important Things Right
The Sacrifice of Christmas Shopping
A Mother's Heart
Empty Shoes
Thomas' Gifts
A Doctor's Waiting Room Education
A Slow Learner
Grief and an Advent Wreath
Thomas' Chair
Happy Birthday Twin!
A Mother, a Child: a Special Love
My Third Brother
Miss Elvis
Beautiful in the Eyes of God
Celebrating Without the Birthday Boy
The Viewing
How to Look Gorgeous Forever
Going Away and Coming Back
It's Quite OK to be Different
An Undying Love
The Thomas Dress
A Thrilling Experience
Gorgeous Big Hair
Leading by Example
Yesterday Andy Hit a Polar Bear
Thomas' Memory Box
Sharing Jane Eyre
Two Girls and Cinderella
How Many Children Do You Have? (Part 1)
How Many Children Do You Have? (Part 2)
Fulfilling Little Girl Promises
The Gift
A Very Short But a Very Valuable Life
The Photography Girls Head into the Bush
Come My Beloved
A Jane Austen Education
Celebrating with a Cake
An Adventure Hiding in Every Moment
Brothers But Different
Crushed by a Label
The Unbirthday Present
A Passion for Writing
Why Me?
Introducing Thomas Augustine Joseph...
Mud Pies, Stews and Cakes
Imagining the Worst
TV Chef Dad Fills the Freezer
A Cow Cottage Home
No Mistake
Invader Cow Friends
Damaged Flowers
Come in and Meet My Family
Behind That Cream Front Door
Married Twice
Spending Time With My Best Friend
Change, Love and Four Cats
Stealing a Birthday Story
A Dean's Medallist of a Husband
Ordinary and Extraordinary
Counting the Candles
The Great Glass Confessional
The Splat
Speed Angel Joy
Three Sizes Too Big
Hardening My Too Soft Heart
The Big Crunch
The Bracelet
St Joseph's Sofa
Breeding Like Mice
The Joys and Frustrations of Being a Creative Mother
Part of Me
An Imperfect Perfect Mother
We Three Brothers
Sons, Scrapes and Love
The White Procession
The Abandoned Bible
All the Same, All Different
Last in Line
Good Morning Mr Elvis!
The Offering
Kings and Queens and Baggy Shorts
The Empty Table
Tooth Fairy Troubles
Pigs, Tears and Friends
Searching for Treasure
Gazing Like a Little Child
Love All Wrapped Up in a Gift
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do...
A Mother-in-Law's Prayers
A Confession About Confession
Memories of Magi
Very Hairy Problems
Inside I am Only Four and a Half Like You
Changing Direction With St Joseph's Help
Compassionate, Forgiving and Merciful
The Mistake of the Dilapidated Cottage
The Beautiful People
Congratulations and Celebrations
Mother Teresa, Love and Three Cats
Grieving for Scarlatti
Learner Drivers, Trust and Letting Go
Capturing Memories Forever