The Angels of Abbey Creek Animation

I haven't written a post here for a long time. That doesn't mean I haven't been writing about my Angel family. I have! I've been editing my new book, The Angels of Gum Tree Road. It's the book I've been promising for a long time!

Well, the book is finally finished. I've stopped changing words here and there. I'm no longer checking punctuation. I have given the final version of the manuscript to a team of readers and reviewers. I hope they're enjoying my story!

We're hoping to have two paperback versions, one for Amazon and another for Lulu. There will also be a Kindle version. Very soon, The Angels of Gum Tree Road will be available to buy!

I've been making short animated videos about my books. Today, I'm going to post one about The Angels of Abbey Creek. If you'd like a peek into The Angels of Gum Tree Road, I'll post that video next time!

Sue Elvis

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  1. The Owlets are slow readers, at least in English. We're at chapter 3, and thorougly enjpying it. The Owlets are asking me why we don't do this and that, which has led to some good discussions of being a catholic family in deep diaspora like us. All the little things we got to figth for. Thanks for reminding us that the world is a bigger olace.

    1. PS: That was so not what I set out writing. It just came that way.

    2. Uglemor,

      I'm so glad you and the Owlets are enjoying my novel and that it's started some conversations. Perhaps it's important to write about or discuss the little things. They bind us together. They contribute to who we are. I'm sorry you don't have the same king of Catholic community that we are fortunate to have. Despite our different locations in the world, we are connected by our faith and our friendship. Isn't that a great thought?

      I don't know what you planned to say in your comment, but I like this one very much. It made me feel that it's worth writing Catholic novels. Thank you!